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TADQ makes or modifies equipment in situations where commercial items cannot be found or are unsuitable.

Adapting Existing Equipment
Individual solutions can start out with a commercial device that requires modification or can be custom built to suit the client.

Customised Equipment
Sometimes the equipment that is commercially available is just not suitable for a client for numerous reasons. In such a case, our highly skilled volunteers can work in partnership with our Project Team to design and manufacture a piece of equipment custom built for a clients needs.


FREEDOM WHEELS modified Bikes

The FREEDOM WHEELS bike program customises standard bikes to give independence to children with disabilities by allowing them to ride a bike. These bikes give children new opportunities for independence and inclusion.

FREEDOM WHEELS personalise bikes to the individual needs of the client. An assessment process is needed to ensure that the client receives a bike that is suited to the client’s age, height, weight, type of disability and physical and cognitive abilities.

A range of supports can be added to meet the needs of each child, for example postural supports, footcups, modified handlebars and outrigger wheels. These can be left attached to the bike or removed easily, without tools, for storage and transport.


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