Welcome to TADQ

TADQ is a registered charity and not for profit organisation that provides unique customised solutions for adults and children with a disability and people in their senior years.

We have been proudly supporting people across Queensland to remain independent for over 30 years and are able to adapt, modify or handcraft pieces of equipment that are not commercially available, just do not ‘fit the box’ or are financially prohibitive.


Our Services

TADQ offers the following services:

TADQ devices are used in all aspects of life, including personal care, mobility, seating and posture, daily living, work, education, computing and recreation.

These range from quite simple devices or modifications to existing devices to more complex adaptive technology.


Looking for Volunteers

We are looking for skilled individuals over the age of 18 who can think outside the box and are passionate about making a difference.

Ideally, they would have good skills in:

•Metalwork and Woodwork
•CAD design