About TADQ


Our Mission

To improve knowledge of and access to technical solutions for individuals with a disability, of all ages, their carers and service providers, to assist in maintaining independence in their community.

Our Vision

Provide innovative custom equipment solutions, when a commercial product is not readily available to meet the needs of people living with a disability.

Our Values

Respect - Appreciate the values, abilities, experiences and contributions from others.

Integrity - Act in a sincere and ethical manner.

Innovation- Provide creative solutions and services to best meet the needs of clients.

Transparency - Provide access to public information that fully and honestly reflects our policies, practices and financials

Collaboration- Committed to working co-operatively and building partnerships

We aim to:

  • Provide a range of services to disabled clients (young and old), their carers and service providers to enhance their lifestyle and safety including:
        • Information and advice on aids to daily living
        • design construct and develop affordable aids
        • modify existing aids/equipment
  • Build and support a state-wide team of volunteers with diverse skills.
  • Promote TADQ as a reliable and respected provider of customised solutions and advice to the aged and disability sectors.
  • Maintain a financially sustainable organisation.
  • Represent people with a disability and in their senior years to relevant government bodies, funding organisations and the wider community.